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Staff & Governor List




Please see our Governors Page for a full list of school Governors.

All governors can be contacted through Whitehall Infant School – please put your question or query in writing and give in to the school office in a sealed envelope marked ‘private & confidential’ and addressed to the Governor concerned.  The school will ensure this is promptly passed on.




Teaching Staff Support Staff
Mrs M Bringan (Headteacher) Mrs Z Ismail (Interim Business Manager)
Mrs C Kennedy (Deputy Headteacher / SENco) Mrs C Ferrell (Receptionist & Admissions)
Ms S Bir (Nursery lead) Mrs N Kirwan (Finance and Administration Officer)
Mrs C McLucas (Reception Lead) Mrs N Malik (Safeguarding Officer)
Mrs S Caba (Reception teacher) Ms M Fabri (Attendance & Welfare Assistant)
Mrs J Salah (Reception teacher) Mrs C Bains (Nursery Teaching Assistant)
Ms M Patel (Reception teacher) Mrs C Fawssett (Nursery Nurse)
Miss M Downie (Year 1 Lead) Miss A Cann (HLTA)
Mr N Ball (Year 1 teacher) Ms J Carter (HLTA)
Miss G Ukey (Year 1 teacher) Miss A Farima (HLTA)
Ms M Payne (Year 1 teacher) Miss T Woolley (Learning Mentor)
Mrs S Jamil (Year 1 teacher) Miss L Alley (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs J Aqbarawi (Year 2 Lead) Mrs F Armaghan (Teaching Assistant)
Ms R Pert (Year 2 teacher/Pupil Premium Lead) Miss G Hall (Teaching Assistant)
Miss H Wright (Year 2 teacher) Miss J Lyford (Teaching Assistant)
Miss L Walsh (Year 2 teacher) Mrs Z Hussain (Teaching Assistant)
Miss L Phillips (Cover teacher) Mrs L Young (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs F Kalam (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs A Handa (Teaching Assistant)
Premises Staff Miss L Perry (Teaching Assistant)
Mr J Heath (Premises Manager) Miss A Matthews (Teaching Assistant)
Ms R Hinds (Cleaner) Mrs R Cluett (Inclusion LSA) 
Mrs R Kaler (Cleaner) Miss S Keary (SEND Keyworker)
Miss A Laver (Cleaner) Mrs K Kaul (SEND Keyworker)
Mrs F Barba (SEND Keyworker)
SMSA Staff
Mrs S Greenman
Mrs R Kaler
Mrs R Kaur
Mrs A Khurana
Mrs G Begum