Whitehall Infant School

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Dear Parents / Carers,

During the colder months, we undertake extra preparations to ensure our schools can run smoothly. This includes:

  • Regularly checking the heating systems
  • Gritting the playground and pathway on icy mornings
  • Preparing for bad weather such as snow

If we do experience snow, we will always do our best to stay open and you should bring your child to school at the usual time. If we are forced to close, a message will be placed on the front page of the school website after 7:30am. Please do not phone the school as this blocks the lines when we need to communicate with staff. We will inform you of any changes on a daily basis as the weather can be difficult to predict!

Parking Permits

If you need to drive to school, you can apply for a school parking permit from the Council.  You can download a form here Parking Permit and applications should be sent, with payment, to the address given on the form.  Please bring the form into school so it can first be stamped with our school address.

For more information about applying for a permit – please click Parking Permit Info


Hillingdon Council's Guide to E-Scooters

We have recently received an email from Hillingdon Council's School Travel and Road Safety team, regarding the increased use of E-Scooters across the borough. 
The council have received numerous reports of E-Scooters being ridden across the borough on public roads, in parks and even through town centres, which you may have even noticed yourself. 
Please click the link below to view the E-Scooter guidance document which has been created to inform parents and residents about the use of E-Scooters.
We would encourage you to have a look at this document as there are road safety and legal implications associated to the unlawful use of E-Scooters within the borough, which you may be unaware of.


A message from Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group: 

 “A Parent/Guardians Guide to  treating common childhood conditions”

Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group have designed a booklet which has helpful suggestions and advice on how to care for young children at home with some of the most common childhood conditions.  It was designed with both clinical and patient input with the aim of increasing confidence in parents / carers.

The booklet itself originally came out of an outreach project in Hayes and Harlington that was completed last year, the project was to reduce frequent non-emergency  A&E attendances and promote more clinical services in the community.  Research on the project has shown that some parents did not feel confident treating their child and asked to have information and helpful advice on the common illness so they would feel more confident.

The booklet can be downloaded by clicking on the link below

Parents-Guide-to-Treating-Common-Childhood-Conditions (2)




HACS (Hillingdon Autistic Care & Support) is a charitable organisation based in Hayes.  The team offer information, advice, guidance and advocacy to parents, carers and professionals, supporting individuals on the autistic spectrum.  They have arranged a number of workshops which may be of interest and can be accessed via the following link:  http://www.hacs.org.uk/event-calendar


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