School Improvement Priorities

Whitehall Infant School is a good school. The Governors, Head Teacher and Senior Leadership team continually evaluate the school’s effectiveness, and identify School Improvement Priorities to move our school forward.


School Improvement Priorities 2016 - 2017


1. To support pupils with their mental health and wellbeing

2. To further refine formative assessment and tracking in KS1 to ensure that a greater number of pupils meet the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths.

3. To improve outcomes for pupils who are eligible for Pupil Premium, and also have SEND needs.

4. To further improve the quality of teacher pedagogy through a highly focused programme of CPD.

5. To further implement the maths mastery approach, extending ‘teaching for mastery’ into EYFS.

6. To further develop ‘teaching for mastery’ in reading and writing, particularly in KS1.